If you’re on holiday mode, then you’d probably know how easy it is to slump into bad habits, including the unhealthy ones. No matter how hard you’ve been keeping up with dieting, exercise or better lifestyle practices in general, everybody gives that up as the holiday mood begins to set in.

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And though you may think that holidays are only for a certain period, don’t be mistaken because the bad habits you develop can last for a lifetime. Let’s call out all the unhealthy habits that most people make over the holiday period and how you can avoid them.

1. Forgetting Your Diet Plan

Unhealthy Habits Over the Holidays

This is the most obvious unhealthy habits of all points, but it is also the easiest to avoid. That is no different than when trying to stick to your diet; it can lead to binge eating, eating during the wrong times of the day as well as creating bad habits that will carry over to when the holidays are over.

Avoid this bad habit by monitoring what you eat and sticking to your dieting goals. Do not lose sight of your health goals just because of the holiday season. Whatever diet plan you have made consciously or subconsciously, stick to it. It’s okay to let loose on some occasions but stay in control of what you eat.

2. Ditching the Exercise

Unhealthy Habits Over the Holidays

During the holiday period, people will likely stop exercising because its a time to let loose and enjoy yourself. Not only does this lead to excess weight gain, but your entire body will feel the strain once your holiday is over.

Joints, bones and hard-earned muscle will weaken, and as a result, you will become more easily tired and fatigued. When this happens, getting back into shape becomes an uphill battle that could have been avoided in the first place.

How to avoid this bad habit? You can set up a physical activity regimen daily. It is okay if you aren’t able to maintain the same amount of fitness activities during the holidays as you may have more friends and families over while not having the same facilities or environments.

By exercising moderately daily, you’ll at least be able to keep your body active, as well as making up for any poor dieting decisions over the holidays. Dedicating 20 minutes a day for walking, jogging or performing bodyweight exercises can do your body a whole lot of good.

3. Living Sedentary

Unhealthy Habits Over the Holidays

This can happen because you try to live as comfortably as possible during the holidays. Because you don’t have any commitments, you are free to do as you want, and most of the time, that means sitting on our butts or laying on the couch or bed.

Though this may be comfortable, it is excessive and doesn’t do our body any favours. Being sedentary will cause problems for your joints, created bad posture as well as making you unproductive, so you don’t burn as many calories as you usually do.

Avoid this bad habit by setting a time to stretch and get active. Just like the last point, you don’t need to stick to a fitness regimen, but at least set a time where you can get active while being flexible with your time. To avoid getting bad posture or weakened muscle and joints, get up at least once an hour to stretch, move around and limber up body parts, so they don’t cramp.

4. Not Getting Enough Rest

Unhealthy Habits Over the Holidays

Admit it; this happens to most of the travelers. Especially for people who have a hard time sleeping early and waking up during our regular life, the holidays can be really enjoyable but can make this habit worse. Even though it may feel nice for the body and mind to sleep late, your body and mind will feel the strain during the day.

By not getting enough rest, you become easily fatigued, and our cognitive abilities will fail us. During the holidays when you’re engaging with family and friends, this is the last thing you’d want.

How to avoid this bad habit? You can set time to sleep every night. Now that its holiday, you can be a little more flexible. It’s okay to sleep late, but at least get the hours in. For most adults, the regular amount of hours for a good nights rest is between 6-8. If you aren’t getting those numbers, ensure you have planned what time you want to sleep and need to get up.

5. Getting Relaxed About Germs

Unhealthy Habits Over the Holidays

As our brains are trying to switch off during the holidays, people may become so relaxed that they will switch off on even the most basic of things germs being one of them. For example, not washing hands properly, not preparing food properly, not wiping down surfaces as well as other common-sense practices.

Let’s avoid this bad habit by making sure you keep your environment clean. You always have to remember that your health is an aspect of your life that even the holidays can’t stop you from watching. By ensuring that you follow common-sense practices to avoid germs that can make you ill, you’ll be able to enjoy the holidays with the peace of mind that you won’t get sick.

When To See A Doctor?

If you feel unwell during the holiday or once it is over, go to Okadoc.com or download our mobile app, and choose your preferred method of meeting your General Practitioner.