40 is the number when most men will start to feel or finally admit they are old. To most people, 40 also represents the halfway point in life. Most men who reach this age will start to feel depressed wondering if their best days are over.

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Your body will change, and you’ll notice it becomes a little more fragile, have a little less energy and a bit of difficulty to stay in shape. You’ll also see your social life, and priorities will shift. And before you turn 40, you’re already dreading getting older and how life will change.

But preparing yourself physically and mentally will be important before you turn 40. If you dread it, don’t prepare for it, and don’t accept the changes, you will be mentally and emotionally depressed with the symptoms of ageing.

However, those who can adapt and handle the ‘old person’ label and carry it with pride will enjoy this stage of their lives. Here are the five things men should know and understand before turning 40.

1. Your Priorities Will Shift

Things Men Should Know Before Turning 40

During this stage of your life, you’ll notice that not only has your physical appearance and lifestyle changed but so do your priorities. What was once important to you, is not so much anymore and what wasn’t important or even irrelevant to you, have become your main priorities.

This is often one of the biggest shocks for men entering 40 and above. Good examples of priority changes include spending less time going out with friends and spending more time at home with your family.

Prioritizing your work over leisure, watching what you eat instead of enjoying junk food, getting physical activity done to improve general health as opposed to physical exercise for sport or aesthetic reasons.

The truth is there is no one best way to prepare for it. You have to understand the changes in priority, why they are essential, and why they need to be made.

Being able to accept these changes as well as embracing them, will not only make you a more responsible person but will help you fit into your role of being a more mature, understanding and resourceful person to those around you. 

2. It’s Harder to Stay in Shape

Things Men Should Know Before Turning 40

Staying in shape will be one of the most challenging parts of ageing, especially in your 40’s simply because your body begins to deteriorate with age.

From the inside and outside, your immune system weakens, vital organs weaken, and you will be more susceptible to getting sick. In turn, your physical appearance will also take a hit. However, don’t have this point misunderstood.

The rate of deterioration all depends on your lifestyle. If you are eating healthy, exercising well and practising a good and healthy lifestyle, you will not show as many signs of ageing as opposed to someone who doesn’t take care of their health. Even though you lose strength and your body cannot recover as fast as it used to, it doesn’t mean you can’t stay in shape.

3. Your Social Circle Will Get Smaller

Things Men Should Know Before Turning 40

If you think that you’re losing friends because of certain reasons to do with your attitude, your friend’s attitudes or broken relationships, think again. When it comes to ageing, particularly in your 40’s, your social circle will decrease.

That goes for men and women. It’s not because you’ve turned into a jerk or because your friends have changed feelings towards you, but mainly because your priorities have shifted and so have theirs.

Once you’re in your 40’s you have responsibilities such as family support and financial security and so will your friends. This means that you won’t be able to hang out as much or spend time socializing during your favourite leisure activities.

You need to be aware before you turn 40 that this is entirely normal. This will save you from loneliness and depression.

4. You aren’t as Strong as You Once Were

Things Men Should Know Before Turning 40

With ageing, you’ll begin to notice that your body loses strength little by little over time. By the time you’re 40 and above, the decrease in strength has become fairly noticeable. Don’t confuse this with you becoming sick or unhealthy.

It’s just a normal part of ageing and is not necessarily a bad thing. You’ll notice muscles becoming weaker and smaller, occasional pain in your joints and even squeaky noises that they might make now and then.

Starting at the age of 40, your body will lose around 1% of muscle mass every year. This puts extra tension on your joints and bones to carry and support you. This is one of the main reasons why men lose significant strength after 40.

The best way to promote muscle stability, bone support, and joint health, is by living a healthy lifestyle, taking the right supplements and getting the necessary exercise your body will benefit from.

5. Wrinkles will Haunt You

Things Men Should Know Before Turning 40

Wrinkles are one of the biggest concerns in ageing adults. And once you hit your 40’s, they become quite noticeable. Wrinkles will always depend on your genetics and lifestyle habits, but we have to learn to accept that we will get them. So by the time you hit 40, wrinkles will be a part of everyday life, and it’s something you’ll have to learn to live with.

The most important thing to remember regarding wrinkles before 40 is that they aren’t a bad thing. Yes, they signify ageing and difficulty in maintaining better skin complexion, but wrinkles also reflect maturity.

Your aesthetic appearance should never be a reason to lower your self-esteem or feel inadequate. This is an important point to understand and prepare for when it comes to ageing.

What You Need to Understand

Men Should Know before 40

Before turning 40, understand that the above five points are inevitable and that there is nothing wrong with that. Being able to accept and embrace them will lead to a happier and healthier life for yourself and those closest to you. 

  • Live healthier now. Don’t wait until 40 to start making lifestyle changes. Exercising well, dieting appropriately and getting your priorities straight before you even turn 40 will help you to adapt and embrace the ageing process better.
  • Supplements are fine. You’ll notice that people in their 40’s and especially those in their 50’s and 60’s will be taking multiple supplements regularly. Of course, it’s great to get nutrients from natural foods, but supplements are fine. The body is unable to consume as much food as it used to. But before taking supplements of any sort, speak with your medical practitioner first.
  • Don’t hide from your doctor. Visiting your doctor regularly is not a sign of weakness or fear of health complications. Visiting your doctor regularly will ensure that you are on the right track in health maintenance as well as maintaining a better quality of life for yourself and in turn, keeping those closest to you happy.

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