What is your impression of golf? Do you really understand it? Is it something you’re willing to try? Golf is one of the very few sports that are overlooked because it’s not as physically intense or consistently thrilling throughout its course. However, golf requires just as much dedication, persistence, discipline, and physical endurance as any other sport.

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In fact, the attention to detail required from a physical and mental aspect makes golf extremely challenging as well as beneficial to your health. It can enhance your physical ability as well as your mental ability. Although golf may not be as popular as basketball or soccer, the UAE has many golf courses and facilities for you to pick it up. 

Reasons You Should Play Golf

Health Benefits of Playing Golf
  • Improves your physicality. If anyone ever tells you that playing golf is not a physical sport, they are seriously mistaken. Golf is just as physical as almost any other sport. The amount of upper body strength, core, endurance and cardio required will be sure to improve your physicality from health, performance, and aesthetic perspective.
  • Improves your mentality. Golf is one of the most mentally enduring sport you can play. The attention to detail, continued focus and persistence are almost unrivalled amongst many sports. Golf requires you to build discipline as well as getting your body in tune with your mind. Many other sports can help you with the mind-body connection, but golf can really test your ability on this.
  • Keeps things interesting. Sports such as basketball, soccer, field hockey, and tennis, are great because they are fast-paced and outcomes can change every few seconds. The issue is, however, is that’s all that they are. Golf offers you something different as it is slower paced, has a different scoring system and just as intense and fun as any other sport.
  • Encourages you to diet better. Just like other sports, to be good at golf or to make the most of its training, you’re going to have to improve your diet. There is no ideal body type for golf. However, you need to have the muscle strength, energy levels as well as the endurance to keep up. Staying hydrated and getting your daily recommended nutrients can make a huge difference in your approach and ability in golf.
  • Promotes discipline and consistency. Golf requires you to train consistently and refine your game. As winning and losing is a matter of small increments such as centimetres and seconds, you need to be refining your game constantly. The only thing you can do to improve those things is to maintain discipline, consistency, and patience in your training.

Physical Health Benefits of Golf

Health Benefits of Playing Golf
  • Moderate to vigorous. Golf can be played at any intensity you like. As it is not a team sport, it is up to you how you want to approach your game. You can play it to relieve stress and get your body moving, or you can play it competitively while burning the calories.
  • Improved heart and lungs. Playing golf regularly, even just once a week, can help give your heart and lungs a proper workout. Walking from hole to hole on a golf course means you’re actively walking consistently. Its low intensity won’t burn you out or affect your endurance to hinder your performance.
  • Golf burns calories. Golf will help you burn calories. The physical motion of swinging the club activates all your muscles and requires strength from your own body. The high-intensity nature of swinging the club will help to burn calories while also building up muscles. An increase in muscle mass will boost your metabolism and burn calories at a quicker rate.
  • Low risk of injury. Unlike other sports, golf does not carry a high risk of injury. During golf, there may be periods where your body is inactive. This makes it easier for you to identify and recognize fatigue, over-exhaustion or muscle strains. That way, you know when and how to adapt your game to prevent an injury.

Keep In Mind

Health Benefits of Playing Golf

Just like any other sport, golf needs to be given the same amount of respect and preparation for those who want to play. It means proper dieting, rest and proper condition before exercise.

Anyone can play golf. Whether it’s something you want to take seriously or just something to keep your exercise interesting. Young children are also welcome to play golf as it is fun, easy to understand, as well as a very physical workout.

Though there is a lower risk for injury, you can still injure yourself nonetheless. So just make sure you’re getting your nutrition, rest and training just like with any other sport.

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