Becoming a new father for the first time in your life is one of the greatest, life-changing and eye-opening experiences you may ever face. There are many emotions that you’ll feel and your mental outlook and priorities in life will change, but just like your mental state will change, so will your physical state.

Having a newborn and raising them for the first time can be very demanding, you’ll notice that due to your lifestyle changes, your body may not be able to maintain its shape or health.

You’ll exercise less, your diet will be looser, and your overall physical look and health may decline. It’s important to understand that this is normal during this period for men and women. However, it’s also important to know that you still need to look after your health.

Why it’s Necessary to Stay Fit

How to Stay Fit after Being a Parent: Father Edition

It is essential for men and women to maintain good health and shape regardless of lifestyle or personal circumstances. During this period, your partner and newborn child will require much support from you, so being in good physical and mental condition is essential.

The best way to do this is to plan out your days and even weeks. Even though your family is now your priority, your health and fitness should not be neglected.

Understand Your Priorities

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During this stage of your life, it’s important to be aware of your surroundings. This can be your child, partner, friends, work and private life. Juggling these things may not be as easy as it sounds but sacrifices need to be made.

If you know that your family needs the most of your attention, then cut down the other aspects of your life that consume your time and focus on your families needs.

Once you know what needs the most attention and time, you can start structuring your life around those priorities.

Ask Yourself Why You Need or Want To Stay Fit

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Is it because you want to look good for others? Is it to boost your self-esteem? Alternatively, is it to develop the extra physical strength to manage your newborn child and partner?

Once you know the reasons as to why it’s important to stay fit during this period, you’ll be able to stay accountable for whatever goals you set and communicate your lifestyle changes to your partner and family to gain their understanding.

Know When To Exercise

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Create a schedule that doesn’t just work for you, but works for your partner and child as well.

By making a schedule that is oriented towards satisfying your duty as a father and partner first, you’ll be able to raise your child, spend time with your partner, while not having to take a step back on your own fitness.

By having and tracking a schedule, you can make some time for yourself to go to the gym, go for a walk, run or play sports with your friends. Sharing your schedule with your partner also will help them to manage their time better as well, and you’ll be able to gain their understanding as to why you need your own space. Your partner should also do the same.

Know How To Exercise

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This is the most critical point in becoming fit after becoming a father. Depending on your priorities and fitness goals, you need to know how to be efficient with your physical activity and training regime.

If your target is just to stay healthy so you can raise your family better, then cardio exercise and healthy dieting are what you need.

If you want to maintain fitness so you can have an aesthetic appearance, or maintain sports performance, then you will need to spend more time and doing physically demanding exercises such as high-intensity training and weight lifting because the last thing you want to do during this demanding period of your life is to injure yourself.

Communicate With Your Partner

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The last thing you want when chasing your fitness objectives after becoming a father is to have quarrels with your partner and family. It’s important to speak to them frequently and communicate the importance of the above points made about maintaining fitness after fatherhood.

Without communication, your partner may feel neglected or burdened and can develop a perception of selfishness coming from your side. By telling them the reasons why maintaining personal fitness is important, will also help you as new parents to develop a stronger relationship, understanding, and priorities as a couple.

Build A Positive Network

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By surrounding yourself with people who understand you and support you during this challenging period of your life, you’ll be able to have the resources you need to maintain fitness as well as raising your child the best possible way.

This can either be your partner, family, friends, exercise colleagues, medical practitioner or personal trainer. By having other people to communicate with you will give you opinions and advice on how to manage your health and time better. Finding the balance between staying fit and raising a newborn can’t be done alone.

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