Smiling isn’t hard, is it? Though it is a simple act, it is a powerful one. Smiling can do so much good to you; psychologically, mentally and also spiritually.

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Multiple studies have shown that so long as your smile is genuine, it can instantly enhance your mood as well as your behavior. Though fake smiling is just a mask for hiding inner problems or internal stress, smiling more can actually encourage you to make a positive change and boost your day.

1. Improve your self-esteem

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Smiling doesn’t only boost your mood and your interaction with your social environment, but it can greatly improve your self-esteem and confidence levels in all aspects of your life for the long term.

So no matter how stressed you are, try cracking a smile. Though its a small and insignificant facial function, it can create a very significant impact

2. You’ll Feel Better Mentally and Physically

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Smiling will improve your mood and mentality period. Unless you’re trying to mask serious emotional problems, stressful or temperamental issues, the simple act of smiling will encourage your mind and body to think and stay positive.

Dr. Isha Gupta a neurologist from IGEA Brain and Spine says that a smile can start a chemical reaction inside the brain, releasing certain hormones, dopamine, and serotonin.

“Dopamine increases our feelings of happiness. Serotonin release is associated with reduced stress. Low levels of serotonin are associated with depression and aggression,” says Dr. Gupta.

So even if you don’t have much reason to smile, smile anyway. It may be the best way to get rid of your current stress.

3. Optimism > Pessimism

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Smiling makes you optimistic. Though it cannot technically or literally solve your problems, it can certainly change your mental perspective on the situation. This alone is enough to encourage you to make an optimistic and positive change in your actions or behavior.

As the hormones of dopamine and serotonin are increased from neurological changes due to smiling, this will help you in reducing stress levels and create calm.

So no matter what the situation is, cracking a smile can definitely change your mindset from worry and concern to hope and encouragement.

4. Radiates the Good Vibes

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Smiling more doesn’t just mean that you’re happier inside, but will radiate to the people in your external environment. When you see someone smile or they catch you smiling, it means the actual environment is a peaceful one with no tension.

Smiling more will make people feel more secure and glad about your presence. This is what people call ‘good vibes’. Smiling is also a great way to make a good first impression as it shows that you are open and approachable.

5. Improves Self-control

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Just like standing straight with your shoulders back, smiling can also give you a sense of pride, control and improved self-image.

Even though you may not feel like you’re the best at socializing or you aren’t the most liked person in the room, cracking a smile can help you feel that you are in control of the situation and you are worthy of the attention and respect of other people.

6. Makes You More Approachable

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Smiling is easy, harmless and always makes a good first and lasting impression. If you keep a distressed or disheartened expression, it’s very unlikely someone would want to engage with you.

This is why smiling more makes you more approachable to others as well as sociable. So if you’re wondering why you don’t get approached by others as much as your friends or colleagues, try smiling more!

7. It’ll Add Up in the Long Term

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Smiling more and trying to be more optimistic will set the tone for the rest of your life. By making an effort to boost every day with a smile and positive outlook, you’re creating a long term habit to be happy.

Supplemented with healthy lifestyle choices such as exercise, dieting and having a strong healthy social life, smiling more will make you a more positive person. And even though smiling is a long term game, you will see a slight change in your mindset immediately. You just need to start today.

8. Improve Your Mental Health

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Smiling is a great way to improve your mental health, self-esteem as well as your social lives. However, serious health conditions such as anxiety and depression are very serious and need to be treated professionally.

If you feel you may be suffering from mental health issues, you can speak with a professional psychologist or even your doctor. Mental health is something that should not be taken likely.

Though learning to smile more and boosting your day through self-motivation and optimism is great, support from an external network is always there when you need it.

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