Is There a Connexion Between Scents and Mood?

Our wellbeing has been connected to our sense of smell for a very long time now, starting from using scents to mask bad odors, to creating a sense of relaxation and elegance to enhance our moods.

Our sense of smell affects most of our regular emotions, and a particular scent can change our behavior and trigger memories almost immediately. 

In the nose, the smell cells are linked to the limbic system, which controls emotions, long-term memory, and behavior. 

How to Boost The Mood with Scents?

Now that we know how scents and olfaction can affect our mood, actions, and well-being, it’s time to learn how to make the most of our sense of smell. 

Here’s how some scents and odors can help set our mood.


Lavender is a common relaxation fragrance that can help the mind and body relax almost instantly. Its ability to assist in the treatment of insomnia is perhaps its most useful function.

It also has moderate sedative and relaxing effects as well as enhancing cognitive efficiency.


Inhaling vanilla scent was proven to enhance feelings of pleasure and relaxation. It reduces blood pressure and keeps heart rates in control as well.


Aside from the many health benefits, the scent of a lemon has a strong effect on stress levels.

While it may not be especially appealing, it may raise energy levels, improve the mood, and even improve the ability to focus.

Isn’t there a reason you like lemon-scented cleaning products now?


If you’re looking for a fast boost, skip the coffee and go for grapefruit instead. Lemon and orange scents are well-known for their Vitamin C content, but simply sniffing the fruit will make you feel more energized and alert.


Peppermint can help the brain in addition to giving you sweet breath. Smelling peppermint is related to improved cognitive endurance, inspiration, and overall performance. It increases physical energy and enhances muscle efficiency as well. 

If any of the mentioned smells is causing you an allergic reaction or discomfort, do not hesitate to speak with a specialist.

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