Hair loss is a natural process of aging in both men and women. The bad news is that it’s quite common in most people.

A 2015 study by ‘The National UAE’ says about 60% of adult males in the UAE are expected to experience some kind of hair loss in their lifetime. The global average is 40%. Significantly less than in the UAE.

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With baldness being more likely in the UAE than in other parts of the world, more young men here are turning to hair transplant clinics.

The good news, however, is that with proper care and hair management, there are ways you can slow it down or prevent significant hair loss.

Why Does Hair Loss Happen?

Prevent Hair Loss

There are many factors as to why people lose their hair over time, especially for men. Causes such as genetics, nutrition, lifestyle, and climate are common factors of hair loss. Stress can also lead to hair loss, discoloration (hair whitening), thinning or baldness.

Hair loss is the reason why men often get hair transplants to improve their hair condition and boost their self-esteem. With proper hair management and lifestyle changes, getting implants that are often costly can be avoided.

How You Can Prevent Hair Loss and Improve Hair Condition

Do not feel discouraged about the possibility of hair loss for men because you can prevent it while improving your hair condition.

Here are 7 ways you can prevent hair loss and also improving the condition of your hair that you can start from now.

1. De-Stress

Prevent Hair Loss

Multiple amounts of studies past and present have found medical evidence that links stress with hair loss. One of the best approaches to hair loss is to stress less.

Financial condition, personal, social and work-related stress can contribute to poorer hair health. The decrease in self-esteem due to this problem isn’t great either.

Try to unwind by meditating, drinking tea, relaxing and managing your time, activities and emotions better. By doing this, you can boost your hair health and prevent any further balding or hair loss you may be experiencing.

2. Essential Oils

essential oils

Those who are developing hair loss from a bald spot or notice hair thinning can gently massage the scalp with essential oils such as sesame oil or olive oil for a couple of minutes. The nutrients and antioxidants in oil will help hair follicles to stay active.

The nutrients and antioxidants in oil will help hair follicles to stay active.

3. Regularly Wash Your Hair with Filtered Water

prevent hair loss

Washing your hair regularly with clean and filtered water, along with good quality shampoo for men that aren’t too strong or harsh, is important in keeping the hair clean and healthy.

Without this simple process, you run the risk of scalp infection and dandruff. These often lead to weak hair that will eventually start thinning and easily break.

Clean hair maintains hair strength and volume. Be sure that the quality of water you use for your hair is safe. Poor water quality in the UAE is often correlated with hair loss.

4. Avoid Constant Heating & Drying

prevent hair loss

By drying your hair using a hair dryer or exposure to too much sun can damage your hair by dehydrating it. This leads to thinner and fragile hair.

Only use dryers when you need it. As men have shorter hair than women, dryers should not be essential to your daily hair care regimen. Avoid prolonged periods of sunlight. You can prevent this by using an umbrella or wearing a hat.

5. Diet With Vitamins and Protein

prevent hair loss

Vitamins don’t just benefit body and brain functioning but are also essential to hair health. Vitamin A encourages healthy production of sebum in the scalp, while vitamin E promotes blood circulation to the scalp to help the productivity of hair follicles.

Vitamin B helps to maintain hair color and volume. A protein-rich diet including meats, fish and soy may also help to curb hair loss by promoting hair strength and integrity.

6. Keep Away From Chemicals

prevent hair loss

Harsh chemicals such as strong shampoos, hair coloring or treatments may damage your hair. Though some may claim to improve your hair, it’s always better to treat your hair with healthier and greener products.

If you are concerned with specific commercial products and treatments, speak with your general health practitioner for expert opinion.

7. Physical Activity

prevent hair loss

Taking time to exercise won’t just benefit your body, but can also boost your hair health. Your body along with your hair belongs to one single organism and exercise can benefit that.

Physical activity also helps to boost testosterone which can help your hair follicles to work and promote hair growth.

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