If you haven’t heard of Niksen yet, then you’re in luck. It is a lifestyle change that is literally unlike no other and can be done by anyone. Niksen is the Dutch word for ‘doing nothing’, and the act of Niksen means to do nothing. This can mean sitting down, lying in bed, or simply putting your entire body at rest while you let your mind wander off. Though this may sound extremely illogical or unproductive, a lot of people who have jobs or stressful lives are doing it to improve their health, and maybe you should too.

What is Niksen?

Niksen has become a popular trend all over the world in recent times and is something the Dutch have practised over many years. Niksen means putting away all mental and physical pressures and strains aside for a little while for your body and mind to relax. You don’t have to do anything productive, and you don’t have to think of anything important. You have to exist. Though this doesn’t sound like a good idea to people who have busy lives or large responsibilities, in theory, Niksen can help to improve mental and physical health. 

The Benefits Of Niksen

benfits of niksen
  • Improved Mental Health

The purpose of Niksen is to help you create a work-life balance. With many people in the UAE overwhelmed with the pressures of work, anxiety, depression, and mental health issues are common occurrences for people who are unable to manage work-life balance. Niksen gives you the ability to get a balance of both. Allowing you to work and be productive when you need to, and a time to relax and do nothing when the time is right. Ultimately, you will have less mental strains and overall better mental health. 

  • Improved Physical Health

When you stress less and ease your mind, your body will follow. Your nervous system will be calmer, and your immune system will be stronger. Niksen also allows your body to be well rested from the toils of a tough day. Getting sufficient rest for the body is one of the key purposes of Niksen. 

  • Ability to Think Clearly and Prioritize Tasks

If you are overwhelmed with work or stress, Niksen allows you the opportunity to escape that and come back with a clear mind. When most people go home to rest or to relax, chances are work is on their mind and causing stress. This is known as work separation anxiety. Niksen encourages people to let their minds wander free and not worry about a thing. When you come back to work, you will have a more clear mind and ability to prioritize tasks and think critically. In turn, it may even make you more productive.

  • Enhanced Mood

Niksen makes you a more calm and relaxed person. If you can apply it correctly into your life, you will be a more calm, happier and approachable individual. If you work with others or are constantly dealing with people, Niksen makes you a more friendly, relaxed and calm person. As an individual, being in a generally good mood is good for your mental health and social life.

  • The downside of Niksen and Possible Side Effects

If you want to start practising Niksen in your daily life, you have to be mindful of the potential risks of doing it. Just like any other form of treatment you take, always remember the main purpose as to why you are taking it or practising it. Niksen is one of those lifestyle practices where you must be aware of its purpose, disciplined enough to not overdo it as well as recognizing the priorities and responsibilities you have in your life. The potential risk of Niksen include:

  • Formation or development of bad habits
  • Neglecting important tasks and responsibilities
  • Not being able to balance work and leisure
  • Falling behind at work or important tasks
  • Neglecting personal health including diet, physical activity, and hygiene 

When having a Niksen lifestyle, the above risks are possible if you do not have self-control or discipline. Too much of anything is not good for you and Niksen is a good example of that. If you cannot control Niksen, it will take control of you, and before you know it, you have formed bad habits that you dreaded in the first place.

Keep in Mind

The key to practising Niksen and incorporating it is to use it for its main purpose, and that is to unwind and relax. Abusing Niksen by slacking off, letting loose on bad habits and preventing your work or social life from moving forward would be the total opposite of what Niksen is for. If you doubt your ability to practice Niksen or don’t trust yourself to use it properly, speak with others about it, do your research or better yet, speak with your doctor, especially if you have a current mental or physical health condition. 

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