Haircare is an important part of your health and outward complexion. Although hair health and quality is important, men don’t spend nearly enough time on it compared to women.

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Hair fall, balding, and general hair health issues can be avoided through better management attention and better lifestyle changes. With that being said, let’s go through a couple of things that all men can do to improve and maintain better hair. 

1. Avoid Sun Exposure

Improve Your Hair

Here in the middle east, dry, splitting and brittle hair are commonplace, especially for men working outdoors. The sun’s harmful UV rays won’t just damage your hair, but can also damage the scalp.

Be sure to wear a hat when directly under the sunlight, use special sunscreen that you can spray and massage onto your scalp, and use hair care products that specifically combat dry hair and skin that may be caused by sun exposure.

2. Know Your Scalp and Hair Type

Knowing your hair and scalp type is important in order to buy the most effective hair care products for you. Knowing what type of hair and scalp condition you have will allow you to get products that are tailor-made and best suited for you. Certain scalp and hair types include:

  • Oily – Shampoos and conditioners for oily hair aim to break down the grease and moisturize it. 
  • Dry – Shampoos and conditioners for dry skin aim to moisturize and restore hydration levels in the scalp, minimizing dandruff, itchiness and splitting hair.
  • Normal – If your hair is naturally balanced in moisture, shampoos and conditioners will help you manage a healthy condition without overcomplicating your current condition, rather focusing on maintaining clean and strong hair. 

3. Massage Your Scalp

Running your fingers through your hair and gently pressing down into your scalp and hair follicles can help with stress management as well as stimulating hair follicles and promoting growth. One study in Japanese men concluded that massaging your scalp 4 minutes a day leads to thicker hair.  

4. Dry Your Hair Properly

Improve Your Hair

A lot of men rub their towel on their hair vigorously to dry it faster but can be quite bad for your hair. While the hair is wet, the heavy friction can cause hair to split and fall.

While your hair is wet, gently pat your hair with a dry towel and stroke it in the pattern your hair naturally grows in. Also avoid blow-drying your hair too often as it can cause excessive dryness, making your hair brittle and susceptible to splitting. 

5. Avoid Really Hot Water

Especially when the weather is hot or you’re suffering from a fever or cold, showering it hot water can be quite therapeutic, however, it isn’t so great for the quality of your hair. A general rule all men should follow when showering is to shower with slightly warm to barely hot water.

If water is too hot, it can make your hair dry and rid it from its natural moisture. This will lead to hair becoming brittle, dry and cause hair fall and splitting. Using warm water will let you wash your hair, break down dirt and grime without ridding the hair of its essential oils.

6. Use Hair Styling Products Sparingly

Using too much hair products such as wax, gels, and pomades can build up on the follicles and make your hair appear flat. It can also weigh down your hair and compile on excess grease and oil build-up. Use minimal styling products and be sure to have a solid shampoo and conditioner routine to wash out the product at the end of the day. 

7. Don’t Wear Hats Too Often

Improve Your Hair

Hats are great to have and are highly recommended when under the sun, especially in places such as the UAE. Tight-fitting hats can cause hair damage as it restricts airflow and oxygen to the hair follicles. Loose-fitting hats are your best option, and avoid wearing hats whenever necessary. 

8. Eat Nutritious and Healthy Foods

Improve Your Hair

Eating nutritious and healthy foods is essential to improving your hair quality and keeping it in the best shape as possible. Foods high in vitamins and minerals such as vegetables, fruits, lean proteins, and unsaturated fats can help to revitalize hair by keeping it hydrated and strong. Foods that are known to improve hair quality include:

  • Berries
  • Citrus fruits
  • Broccoli
  • Leafy green vegetables
  • Fish such as salmon, mackerel, tuna
  • Flax seeds and hemp seeds
  • Lean meats such as beef and chicken

9. Quit Smoking

Improve Your Hair

Smoking doesn’t just have negative effects on your inner health, but can heavily damage the quality of your hair. Smoking can pose a significant threat to hair health and is known to cause hair loss. Some studies have also shown that smoking has been linked to your hair becoming grey. 

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