Medical insurance is one of the most, if not the most important insurance one should have. Whether you were born in the UAE or have come from abroad, medical insurance is important to have. With the many diseases, illnesses, and sicknesses our bodies are susceptible to, there are many reasons to fret about our lifestyles and health.

Don’t let financial constraints become another concern. The UAE is littered with many health facilities and resources. Always make sure you are in a position to utilize it and give your health the priority it needs.

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Health insurance is so important that the government has made it mandatory for all people, whether a citizen or on a residential visa, must have health insurance.

According to the DHA (Dubai Health Authority), since 2014, it has become compulsory for all people to have health insurance. The DHA has also stated that 95% of Dubai’s current population have health insurance cover. Health insurance is important as a society must recognize that personal health is not something to be neglected.

Why You Need Medical Insurance

medical insurance

1. Unexpected or Sudden Health Complications

It happens. Sometimes when you think your health is at its best, there’s nothing to be concerned about, sudden injuries, sicknesses, and complications strike. Before you know it, you’re going to need treatment and fast.

These expenses can be costly, and you have not anticipated it. You may not be in the financial position to manage it. That’s why medical insurance is so important. To see a doctor check out your condition can cost you large amounts of money. Medical insurance means that you don’t have to fret in these cases.

2. Preexisting Health Conditions

If you have a preexisting health condition or know that you will need to have medical treatments in the future, it should be a no brainer to be covered by medical insurance.

This means that ongoing treatments will have all medical expenses covered, so you never have to be in the position of panic or stress. Getting family insurance or health insurance nice and early also means you don’t need to wait until things turn sour to visit the doctor.

3. Access to Preventative Care

Having health insurance gives you the incentive to get regular check-ups with the doctor. In turn, this decreases the likeliness of you becoming sick or ill as you are sticking close to your doctor’s advice. Without regular check-ups with the doctor.

Undiagnosed illnesses can lead to high-risk emergencies that will create huge financial hurdles for you to overcome. Overcoming these situations by having regular check-ups, no matter how minor your symptoms are, means that you are minimizing the risk of expensive emergency treatments of occurring.

4. Healthier Overall Society

People with health insurance are generally healthier than those who don’t have it. This is because they continually get regular check-ups with the doctor, have access to the best medical resources and facilities, and have all sickness and illnesses treated at first notice.

If everyone had health insurance and did not hesitate to get the best medical coverage, society itself would be healthier. There would be a decrease in sickness, flu, and contagion. And with people being sick, the output of society as a whole would be greater.

5. Cheaper Rates for Everyone

If more people had medical health insurance, the larger the pool of finances would be. This means insurance companies can negotiate better with hospitals, doctors and health care providers, making it cheaper for everyone.

The more people who invest in medical insurance also means that rates can be decreased, made more affordable and accessible to many people. Lowering rates, in turn, will also help to attract new customers to make the pool larger. In a holistic view, this would make health insurance more affordable and accessible to everyone.

6. Peace of Mind

Just like all other types of insurance, peace of mind is what you’re paying for. No one wishes for medical insurance to be taken out. No one wants medical emergencies to occur.

But knowing that you are fully covered, that you or your loved ones won’t ever have to encounter financial burdens due to your health, will help you get a better rest at night, feel at ease with your health, as well as not having to dread or worry about your physical condition or being overly picky with your lifestyle to prevent sickness or injury.

What to Consider Before Purchasing Medical Insurance

medical insurance

Now that you know you want to get medical insurance, you need to know how to go about it. Take the time to research what your options are, which provider you’d like to go for, and what plan works best for you. You may want to consider public or private health insurance.

Public health insurance is free; however, you won’t have the same benefits of private health insurance. Be sure to do your research with that in mind, as well as which plan is more financially viable for you.

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