Regardless of your occupation, what you do for a living or your general lifestyle, trying to maintain good health goes without saying. And though it may be quite obvious, a lot of people still struggle with this, particularly office workers. Working in an office usually means sitting down for hours on end.

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The only time you get to move around is during lunch breaks or walking to the restroom, printers, or physically moving to engage with colleagues. By the time you get home, you’re already mentally drained and too tired to get active. With that being said, here we’ll discuss certain ways and things you can do to help you better manage your health while having an office job.

Most people with office jobs may experience or suffer from the below:

  • Sore joints or bones due to inactivity
  • Sore neck and back
  • Poor posture
  • Weight gain
  • Loss of muscle mass
  • Sore eyes
  • Dehydration
  • Fatigue
  • Tiredness

Tips to Encourage You to Maintain Better Health During Work

Good Physical Health
  • Stretch out – Get up and stretch every once in a while. This will help your joints and muscles from cramping due to inactivity. It will also encourage better posture and help you feel refreshed.
  • Keep healthy snacks around – It’s common to get hungry throughout a busy day which is why keeping healthy foods at arms distance is a good idea. Foods that are nutritious and healthy can help you sustain energy levels, boost your mood as well as prevent cravings. Dried fruits, yoghurt and vegetable sticks are perfect examples of healthy office snacks.
  • Hang around fit conscious people – you are the company you keep. Despite the cliche of the phrase, it can be true sometimes. Hanging out with and socializing with people in the workplace who are also health-conscious will keep you motivated and help you feel accepted. 
  • Make use of your breaks – Your lunch break is the only time where you can spend some time away from your desk. You can make the most of this time by stretching out or even going for short walks. This will help you get in some physical activity and loosen out all the tightness and soreness in your body caused by being sedentary for long periods. 
  • Get up every once in awhile – Take short breaks when you work. This will help you relieve stress and keep you focused when it matters most. Get up, stretch out, hydrate and enjoy some healthy snacks. 

Useful Tips to Encourage Better Overall Health

Good Physical Health
  • Make health routines consistent inside and outside of the office – If you’re health-conscious at work, then you’ll be health-conscious at home and vice versa. This will make the transition from work to home seamless and keep your diet, physical activity and general health on a consistent level.
  • Exercise before or after work – there’s no amount of stretching or physical activity you can do at work that would be sufficient for good health. Make sure you get some form of physical activity outside of work such as going for walks or going to the gym. Create a training routine for before or after work.
  • Get plenty of rest and recovery – One of the main reasons why people develop sore joints and bones during work is due to a lack of rest and possible poor sleep from the night before. 
  • Distress – Whether it’s watching tv, sipping on tea or meditation, find a time to destress and unwind once you’re home. This helps your body to recover from a long day at work or after exercise. 
  • Prepare for work – Once you’ve distressed, exercised and had your meals, preparing for the next day shouldn’t be a challenge whatsoever. Preparing your clothes, tasks, meals, and routines for what you do at the office tomorrow will give you the piece of mind through the rest of the night as well as giving you the confidence that you are good to go in the morning. This also helps to minimize work separation anxiety. 

When to See a Doctor

Good Physical Health

Having an office job should never be the reason for poor health. An office job is not the reason why your health may be regressing. It’s the habits you adopt and the way you look after yourself that is the cause of good and bad health.

If you are trying any of the above tips but notice your general health isn’t improving or is becoming an alarming problem in your daily life, speak with your medical practitioner. This way, they will be able to identify what the main problem is as well as diagnosing and serious health complications. 

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