After having a long day at work, one of the more exciting things you look forward to is a long hot shower to help you relax. Yes, they can be therapeutic and help you unwind, long hot showers can actually cause quite a bit of harm to your skin.

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The duration of your showers, as well as the water temperature, are all factors that may possibly damage your skin. Let’s find out more about how long and hot showers can affect your skin.

Skin Problems You Might Get from Hot Showers

Hot Showers Can Damage Skin

Our skin needs a natural balance of moisture throughout our day. It needs natural oils, fat, and proteins to stay healthy, balanced, flexible, and firm.

However, just like a sunburn, exposure to excessively hot water will dehydrate our skin, robbing it of its natural moisture, and open the door to the development of rashes and skin infections. Those who take long showers in hot water a habit may notice the following symptoms

  • Red or orange skin
  • Wrinkly skin
  • Itchy skin
  • Flaking or sensitive skin
  • Rashes
  • Skin Infection

If you notice any of the above symptoms after a shower, then it may mean you need to change your habits now. If you lower the temperature, take less time in the shower as well as understand the type of soap you’re using, your skin should be able to restore itself to normal.

However, if these symptoms continue and you have already taken all the extra measures to prevent them, you may need to speak with your doctor.

Tips to Take Hot Shower Without Damaging Your Skin

Hot Showers Can Damage Skin

Hot showers are totally fine as long as you aren’t abusing it. A lot of people turn up the heat or stay in the shower a couple of extra minutes because its warm and relaxing. Though this may sound tempting, not thinking about its effects on your skin may leave you in regret.

If you want to enjoy the relaxation and comfort of hot showers without damaging your skin, then here are a few things to keep in mind when you shower next.

  • Have an occasional cold shower. Cold showers are very underrated. Though they can be uncomfortable, there are many health benefits you’ll notice. Cold showers promote a speedy recovery for muscle and joints as well as increasing alertness. And with the summer being as hot at as it is, now is probably the best time to start having cold showers.
  • Turn down the temperature of the water. This is the main reason why people can develop dry, itchy skin that can lead to rashes. If you have allergies that aggravate your skin, a hot shower can make the existing condition worse. Try to go for a cooler temperature where you still feel warm and comfortable without needing to turn the temperature up too high. If your skin becomes red in appearance or becomes itchy, then the water is too hot for you.
  • Don’t shower for too long at a time. Try to keep your showers withing 5 minutes, 10 at most. Anything outside of 10 minutes is far too long. Staying in the shower for too long not only makes your skin dry but also increases the risk of allergies. You have to be disciplined enough to use the shower for its main purpose, and that’s to get clean. If your main priority of showering is to relax, then you’re not considering your health very well.
  • Avoid harsh soaps. Harsh soaps are also one of the reasons why our skin may feel dry after a long shower. Harsh soaps strip away the natural oil barrier and can burn your skin through its chemicals. Try to find a more mild, fragrance-free, non-soap, chemical-free shower gel. Not only does it cleanse your body thoroughly, but it can help your skin remain hydrated and healthy.
  • Moisturise after your shower. Especially if you have naturally dry skin, body lotion or moisturizer may be necessary. If your skin becomes red or agitated after a shower, a moisturizer will help to calm it down, soothe the heat under your skin as well as hydrate your skin. Try to look for the noncomedogenic types as they don’t clog pores. Ingredients such as aloe vera or chamomile also help to counter inflammation.

Keep in Mind

Hot Showers Can Damage Skin

After reading this article, you may feel like hot showers are bad for you. Do not be mistaken. Hot showers are quite good for you and can benefit your health. Its the habits in the shower you have that cause the real damage for your skin.

Hot showers help you to feel warm, promote blood circulation, help you to relax as well as relaxing tight muscles and joints. If you have a skin condition or a health complication where hot showers are causing harm to your skin health, speak with your doctor or dermatologist to identify what you can do.

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