We now live in a world where our lifestyles encourage us to sit more often than stand. Whether it’s watching television, sitting at your desk or resting on the couch or bed, it’s easy for us to slouch or let our bones and joints give way.

By doing so, we are promoting poor posture, and this can impact the health and integrity of our bones, muscles, and joints. The reason we need to work on and maintain proper position is so that we don’t incur the long-term side effects of bad postures such as stiff bones, joints and in the worst case, physical disability.

If you are prone to slouching and have soreness in bones or joints, it’s not too late. We can always improve our posture by practising techniques to counter our bad habits as well as changing poor lifestyle habits.

Here Are 5 Ways You Can Improve Your Posture.

Remember To Stretch

Stretching can help your bones, muscles, and joints to align. By stretching, you’re maintaining flexibility instead of falling into a static position which can result in poor posture.

By stretching in the morning after getting out of bed, once in the middle of the day and once again before going to bed, you will get rid of the stiffness developed after staying in one position too long. This is important for helping bones to maintain a good shape.

Don’t Slouch

Slouching is one of the main culprits when it comes to poor posture. When we sit down for an extended period, it becomes easier for our back strength to give out and push our shoulders over our chest.

Although doing this feels more natural than straightening your back, you put unwanted pressure on your spine. Over time it will form its shape to the degree of your slouch.

This can cause significant pain as you age and make it extremely difficult for you to move or perform tasks that require flexibility.

Always try to stick your chest out with your shoulders pushed back when you sit down or stand. By doing this, you encourage your spine and back to hold itself in the right place. This can help you in developing good bone and joint strength.

Make Sure Your Couch Isn’t Too Comfortable

When your couch is too soft, and you feel incredibly comfortable, you are very likely to slouch or put your body in positions you feel most at ease.

Though this sounds like a great idea, you’re conditioning your muscles and bones to become extremely stiff in the long term.

As the soft bases won’t support your body, it will tend to prop itself in awkward positions. Try to look for seats that are firm for your bottom and back and don’t easily give way. Sit up straight with your back and bottom aligned to the seat.

Use a Pillow

When you’re in bed or on a soft seat, sometimes you may subconsciously slouch without even noticing it. This creates habits and in turn, reflects a poor lifestyle.

Try positioning a pillow behind your lower back when sitting. You can also do the same when lying face up in bed.

This will assist your spine to position itself straight to counter the effects of slouching. This also helps prevent you from slouching positions and puts your chest out with your shoulders rolled back.

Creating this habit of adjusting a pillow behind your lower back can assist you in maintaining proper posture by strengthening your back muscles so you eventually won’t have to use a pillow anymore.

Train Your Back

Training your back at the gym can certainly help with your posture. By performing exercises that help to increase the muscles in your back, the strength you develop will help it hold the correct position when sitting or standing.

The reason why people slouch is because our backs don’t have the necessary strength to maintain the right position. By developing your upper body strength through weight and resistance training, you are less likely to slouch.

Weight training also helps build muscles and improve joint flexibility. This will minimise stiffness during long periods of static positions of the body.

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