As the new announcement made by WHO and UAE health officials, per Monday (6/4/2020) everyone should wear a mask when going out to reduce transmission of COVID-19.

Since the medical mask is an essential part of PPE for health professionals at the front line, as well as shortages of medical-grade masks, WHO and CDC recommend people to use cloth mask to protect yourself from getting the virus.

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This is because, from positive cases, there are many patients that didn’t show any symptom, so they likely can transmit the virus to other people.

Even if the cloth mask is not 100% can protect you from the virus, but it is better protection for yourself at the moment. You also can make cloth masks for COVID-19 at home!

How to Make Cloth Mask for COVID-19?

Here’s how to make cloth masks to prevent getting COVID-19 with little to no sewing required.

  • Start with a handkerchief and two hair ties (rubber bands are okay as well)
  • Fold the handkerchief in half, along a horizontal axis
  • Place a piece of paper towel or the coffee filter at the centre of the handkerchief.
  • Fold the top-down and the bottom-up so that the paper towel or coffee filter or rests in the fold.
  • Place your hair tie about one-third of the way in from the edge of the handkerchief. The two hair ties should be about one hand-width apart.
  • Fold the left and right side in toward the centre, tucking the right side into the left-side flap.
  • Your cloth face mask is ready to use

How to Take Care of Your Cloth Mask for COVID-19?

It is advised to have more than one cloth mask, so when you’re washing it, you still have extra to wear when going outside. Here’s how to take care of your cloth mask, so it provides better protection from droplets. Never reuse a mask without washing it first.

  • Remove the mask when you’re at home
  • Avoid touching the front of it in case you breathed in infected droplets that could now be there
  • Remove and dispose of the paper towel insert
  • Place the rest of the mask in soapy water, soak it for 5-10 minutes, then wash and rinse
  • Then wash your hands
  • Hang dry the mask under the sun
  • When dried, iron it to completely kill the bacteria or virus that might be still present
  • Now you can reuse the mask! And don’t forget to replace the paper-towel

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Together, we all can overcome this!