We now belong to a society where we are incredibly fortunate to have the number of technological advancements available to us. Technology has gone a very long way, particularly within the last decade.

It has seen us advance in many things such as work, politics, the way we operate and the way we communicate to one another. Another aspect of society that has dramatically improved due to technological advancement is our health.

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Though we often take technology resource for granted as it is now a substantial aspect of our lives, we may not truly see, or understand how it impacts our health. Technology impacts health in numerous ways; some for the better, some for worst.

But no matter what purposes we use technology for, there will always be good or bad. Same is the case when we use it for our health. No matter what anyone can say about the impact of technology on modern society, we can significantly improve our health from it and can expect even more improvements as time and technology continue to advance into the future.

The Benefits of Technology on Health

Technology Can Improve Your Health

1. More Information

Technology advancements have allowed more volumes of information, experience, and history to be shared not only for doctors but for patients, medical students or people who feel symptoms. As the online web continues to develop, so will information as well as communications.

It means that no matter where we are in the world, or what symptoms we feel, we can directly find out our symptoms online as opposed to physically giving the doctor a visit.

With the ability to reach more information faster, we are also able to compare different findings. This means that you have more resources to know about your health condition.

2. Convenience

The purpose of technological development in the first place is convenience. And with health, that’s what technological advancements are for. Being sick or having declining health means the body needs to use its time more efficiently.

Technology gives one the ability to have treatments and medications to be administered at the right times and in an efficient manner. Medical professionals and doctors use multiple types of equipment, machines, and tools to help them identify specific problems. It means they can work faster, and patients can find out their problem sooner than later.

3. Better for doctors and patients

Technology helps people to communicate better with one another. As time is crucial in regards to health, our ability to communicate with one another is essential. Technology makes communications far more efficient between doctors, nurses, receptionists, and patients.

Doctors are now able to use chat boxes directly with patients. This does not only give more personal information for the patient but also saves time for both parties. The Okadoc application, for example, links you with the most appropriate doctor for your need and allows you to book an appointment instantly.

It displays an abundance of information regarding health, lifestyle, fitness, and nutrition and helps you to stay in touch with the experts, along with the best resources all at the touch of your fingertips.

4. Technology devices to improve or maintain health

Doctors and medical experts don’t just use machinery and advanced equipment, but they now heavily rely on it. These devices can obtain far more accurate results and in a more efficient matter than a doctor can rely on his knowledge.

It means that patients can find out what their problem is sooner, treat and heal their symptoms faster and get back to good health sooner than any other way possible. Ultimately, if medical machines continue to improve in the years to come, humans will be able to live longer.

5. Improved ability to track and record results

Technology gives us the ability to record and track all aspects of our health. We no longer have to rely on memory or write things down and analyze ourselves. Technology is now able to record results, track our progress as well as analyze trends and create meaningful data to our health.

Doctors heavily rely on this to keep up with patients and determine what the next steps are. However, now that regular people have access to technology, they can track their health by using applications on phones, tablets or computers.

Specific software can also create meaningful data out of records, so we know what course of action is best. Tracking results and managing data is also synonymous with fitness and exercise routines.

The Negative Effects of Technology on Health

Technology Can Improve Your Health

1. Increasing cost

As technology is developing at a rapid rate, this means that the price of healthcare may increase in turn. With technology on the rise, people need to be able to keep up with an upward trend. As health resources continue to expand, economically, we as a society need to be able to continue to fund it.

Health is an extremely significant part of the economy, and society as better health often means more cost. Better healthcare that can be distributed to all people regardless of wealth will always depend on individual countries economic and societal parity.

2. Wrong information

With the amount of information and online resources available to us, there is a very likely chance you will find conflicting information. This is because lots of online pieces and studies are either false or misinterpreted. When you visit the doctor, they will always know the best advice to give you as they are experts in their field.

However, if you start looking at online resources, not all people who provide the information are experts. It can lead to you being confused or mistreating your symptoms due to incorrect or insufficient knowledge. It is always advised to only look at reputable sources or even better, consult with your medical practitioner before you search for online resources.

3. Neglect and abuse

With technological advancements in health, society believes that our health can be better managed. Which means our health can be cured faster, more efficiently and even live healthier lives. This leads to many people neglecting their health by relying on health tools and applications to support them once neglect has taken a toll on their health.

With so much resource available to us when we get sick, we begin to test the limits of our health by living unhealthy lifestyles while hoping that medical resources will be there for us when we need it. What people don’t know is that every health condition and the medical outcome will differ. There are many things in society you can bet on, but your health is not one of them.

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