Getting your children to eat healthy foods is one of the most difficult parts of being a parent. If you ask most parents, meal times can be some of the most struggling times when raising children.

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They can be picky, very selective and even fussy when it comes to certain foods during meal time. This can either be solved in two ways, by disciplining them, or by feeding them with something healthy and they won’t resist. Let’s try these 7 healthy foods on them!

1. Spaghetti Bolognese

healthy foods for children

Spaghetti bolognese is the perfect dinner meal for children and people of all ages. This meal incorporates a good balance of protein and carbohydrates which play an essential role in helping children to grow.

Homemade pasta is always best as you are able to control the portions as well as the ingredients. Try sticking to lean minced meat without adding extra preservatives or artificial flavors because salt and pepper is often enough. On most occasions, you can’t go wrong with spaghetti bolognese for kids.

2. Frozen Yogurt

healthy foods for children

Frozen yogurt is the perfect substitute for ice cream. It is growing in popularity all over the world and the UAE is no exception. Depending on where and which type of frozen yogurt you’re getting, it is usually low in fat, doesn’t have nearly as much added sugar as ice cream, a high natural source of protein and calcium and the perfect dessert for a hot day. So the next time your child has sweet cravings or looking for ice cream, frozen yogurt is the perfect substitute.

3. Eggs

healthy foods for children

Eggs are one of the most popular breakfast choices and for good reason. They contain lots of vitamins and minerals and one of the purest forms of protein.

If your child struggles in eating their breakfast, try to cook eggs in a variety of ways. For example, you can fry, boil, scramble them or however you desire.

4. Vegetable Sticks and Dip

healthy foods for children

Children will often view vegetables in a negative term. But by making them fun and adding more enjoyable foods to their meal, they will have a much easier time eating their greens. Try cutting up cucumbers, carrots, and celery into stick shapes that can be easily eaten.

Serve them with nutritious dips such as hummus, garlic, vegetable, and other sorts of dips that are perfect to go along with vegetables. This is also perfect for an in-between snack to replace processed chips and sweets.

5. Fruits

healthy foods for children

This choice is an obvious one. Fruits are a natural source of sugar and have a large array of other important nutrients for children. Depend on the type of fruit your child prefers, fruits have an abundance of vitamins and minerals, high in fiber and antioxidants to help support your child’s long term growth.

6. Peanut Butter

healthy foods for children

Peanut butter is often looked at in a negative term as it is processed foods. However, peanut butter is actually high in protein and natural fats. Peanuts are a plant-based protein and will be a perfect choice if your child doesn’t really like eating meat. They also contain an abundance of vitamins and minerals as well as fiber.

7. Baked Beans

healthy foods for children

Baked beans are a great choice because they are high in protein, magnesium, iron, and fiber. These are important nutrients in promoting your child’s growth. Baked beans are a great choice for children because they are easy to eat, can be eaten at any time and can be served in multiple ways. You can add them to toast, rice or pasta, or even on its own.

There are so many healthy foods option and at least a few your child will like. Just test them out and find out which one is a hit. You can try to speak with a doctor or professional dietician to know the best advice on your child’s diet need.

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