Although it’s still a couple of months until the winter holidays, now may be a good time to start planning on what you can do to keep the kids busy. If you’re travelling, then you have a whole different agenda to prepare for.

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However, if you are sticking around in the UAE, now is an excellent time to plan out activities to keep your children busy, active and most importantly, healthy. With that being said, here are a couple of healthy activities for children to try in the upcoming winter holidays or even before.

Fun and Healthy Activities for Children to Try

Healthy Activities for Children

1. Join a team 

There are plenty of sports and athletics programs your children can join during the holidays. This is perfect for children to meet new friends, develop teamwork and social skills while also getting active at the same time. The UAE has plenty of sporting clinics available, giving you and your child plenty of options to choose from. 

2. Learn to swim 

Holidays are a great time for your child to learn how to swim. Not only does it help to stay cool in the heat of the city, but its also an important life skill to have. When teaching young children how to swim, don’t take them to the beach as it isn’t as safe.

Many public swimming pools are perfect destinations with dedicated instructors. These facilities should also have school holiday programs for your child to join. 

3. Treasure hunting

Treasure hunting is plenty of fun for younger children and can encourage them to get out of the house. Not only does it encourage them to get outside and get active, but it also helps to keep them occupied and develop problem-solving skills.

Scattering toys or little prizes around the backyard or in the park will help them to enjoy spending time outside. Alternatively, you can do treasure hunts inside the house.

4. Playing at the beach

Going to the beach during the winter holidays can be the perfect family activity. Especially during December when the heat isn’t at its peak, going to the beach is a great way to get active, play different activities and get your child into a new environment. Just be cautious when at the beach, particularly with hygiene as well as safety. 

5. Dancing

Although dancing isn’t often seen as a sport, it can be just as effective. Not only does it help your child to get active, but it can also be the most fun they’ve had in a while. Taking them to a dance school or studious an interesting and new way to keep them active, give them a challenge as well as have fun. 

6. Learn to cook

Although this doesn’t get your child physically active, it isn’t the point. With the school holidays allowing you and your child to spend more time together, educating them around the kitchen can be a valuable experience for them.

Teaching them basic tasks such as peeling apples, cutting veggies as well as putting dishes together will help them to get a better understanding of food nutrition and its effects on health. Not only is it a great pass time for them, hopefully, but they’ll also be able to enjoy it and encourage them to cook more often.

Encouraging Children to Get Active

Healthy Activities for Children

The above points are only very few of many different activities to get them moving. However, we all know how tough it can be to get children to out and about as opposed to sitting in front of a tv or computer screen doing sedentary activities.

Here are a couple of things you can do to encourage them to get moving during the next school holidays.

  • Set a good example – If you want your child to get out there, lead by example and take them. Go for walks, do the garden or play ball sports together. Not only does it also keep you moving, but it also gives you a chance to bond with your child and show them the enjoyment of the physical activity. 
  • Take away gadgets – Help them to resist the temptation of pother leisure activities that don’t make them active by removing it entirely. Take away the games, the gadgets and even the time of day to play. Get them out of the house so they won’t have the urges or distractions of playing electronic games.
  • Set the goals and objectives – You can give your child extra motivation by simply promising them a reward if they stick to an activity or can reach an achievement. Whether rewarding them through a gift or another form of prize, giving them extra motivation through objective and goal setting will see them stay dedicated to whatever activity you set for them.
  • Identify what they enjoy – School holidays are the best time to identify what physical activity or sport your child enjoys most. The holidays give them plenty of time to trial and error different sports, hobbies and activities that they genuinely like. Ideally, help them find a physical activity that they can adopt and eventually continue to enjoy for years to come.

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