When was the last time you got a general check-up? Have you ever visited the doctor to get the latest touch up on your health even though you aren’t sick?

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General check-ups are quite common with the elderly and young children because, at those stages of their lives, their health may be very vulnerable to illness. However, most adults never see the doctor unless they need to. This is because most of us feel healthy, then make the general assumption that we are okay.

The Importance of General Health Check-Ups

General Health Check-Ups

However, we never know our real health underneath our physical and mental appearance. Health check-ups by your doctor are essential because:

  • General health check-ups will assess health conditions and identify complications that you may not be able to spot out yourself. Just because you may look and feel good, doesn’t mean that you are. Your body may be developing or running into a complication before you may even notice it.
  • You’ll be given the best advice possible when you feel unsure or in doubt. When you feel sick or experience symptoms, you are unsure how severe they may be or even how to treat them, checking up with the doctor will give you all the answers you need. Not knowing what is wrong with your health or how to handle it is the worst mistake.
  • You can have the piece of mind that your health is in tip-top shape and that you have the most current and best medical advice from a professional. Without speaking with an expert in regards to your health, you can never be too sure if you’re living the right lifestyle or developing the best habits.
  • Prevention is the best solution. The main purpose of health check-ups is to change or adapt your current condition to prevent it from worsening or developing something harmful. If a severe complication has already developed without you even realizing it, general check-ups will identify them before they can cause you problems. This way, you’ll be treating the matter before it develops into something more serious.

The Check Ups You Can’t Miss

General Health Check-Ups

1. Physical Exam

Physical exams are not typical for the young or adult demographic. They are usually more suited towards the elderly. However, if you have a particular health complication or have recently run into health issues, a physical exam is necessary for your doctor to identify your general health and what can be changed to improve your condition. This is also one of the best ways to assess your overall health and get professional advice on it.

2. Bone Health

For people who have just suffered a severe sports injury or aging past 50 years old, a yearly test for bone density is essential. It is best to manage osteoporosis in its early stages, when the bone density decreases, creates cavities within the bone, making it fragile and easily shattered.

Osteoporosis will make you feel fatigued, weak and sore when trying to move joints or body parts. By getting it checked out and treated early, your doctor can provide you with the best advice and can prescribe you with the necessary medicine.

3. Blood Pressure Screening

for those who suffer from high or low blood pressure, you will know why this is so important. People who have certain health complications such as diabetes, heart disease, kidney problems or other issues need to have their blood pressure checked with a doctor regularly.

Though we get advice on how to self manage the condition, we need to regularly check in with the doctor to see how our health is. If your blood pressure turns for the worst, the doctor needs to be the first person to know so they can quickly adjust your action plan and provide you with the necessary treatment.

4. Dental Health

Dental care is something essential no matter what age you are. You need to be visiting your dentist at least once a year. Even missing one year from visiting the dentist, your teeth can end up in seriously poor shape.

Getting in touch with your dentist means that you’re maintaining healthy teeth, getting the best advice to look after them, and correcting any issues at first sign.

Health Care in the UAE

General Health Check-Ups

Health care in the UAE, particularly Dubai, is held at a high standard and is accommodating for all. Whether for locals, expats, elderly or children, the UAE has some of the best hospitals and doctors that can assist you.

Private and public hospitals are always regulated and managed at high standards, and health insurance is easy and simple to sort out. There’s no excuse as to why you shouldn’t be getting your regular check-up.

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