Everyone knows how important exercise and physical activity are for better health and wellbeing. However, children don’t necessarily understand the significance and importance of exercise.

With today’s abundance of technology, plenty of children find leisure in other activities such as video games, watching TV or other forms of non-physical activities. Having an active lifestyle from a young age is essential.

Learning to be active and getting enough exercise from a young age will benefit the child greatly in the short and long term. Not only does it make the child more healthy, but being active encourages them to have a healthier lifestyle as they get older.

It’s important to understand why your child doesn’t exercise enough, why they should be exercising more, and how to get them actually to do it.

Here are a few ways to encourage kids to exercise more.

Walk Instead Of Drive

Instead of driving to school or the mall. Try walking there instead. If you live far from your desired destination, drive halfway and walk the rest.

Depending on your child’s health, this shouldn’t be too physically demanding. It may not be a high-intensity activity, but it doesn’t need to be. Steady paced exercises -such as walking- improve cardiovascular health and build up endurance.

Set an Example

If you are living a poor lifestyle with little exercise and physical activity, it would be harder to encourage your child to get active. By exercising and performing physical activities yourself, you can invite your child to join you.

Whether it be going for walks, playing sports or going for a swim, by getting active yourself, your child can also follow. Children most likely will follow the things their parents do.

Make It Fun

If exercise is tedious and the only objective is to get fit, children will get tired and disinterested very quickly. Moreover, once they feel that way about a particular sport or activity, chances are they won’t be keen to do it again shortly.

So no matter what game or exercise it is, make sure you make it fun. Turn it into a competition, so the child has an incentive.

Alternatively, make it social. For example, if it’s swimming or cycling, make it a race. Alternatively, if it’s just a walk around the neighbourhood, have conversations with your child that they will enjoy.

By doing these simple things, it makes exercise fun. Moreover, fun is essential for children of young ages.

Limit Access to Computer or Gadgets

Activities such as video games and watching videos are the reason why most kids prefer to stay home instead of going outside. By limiting the amount of technology they have, it will give them more time to go out.

You can start by leaving video games only for the weekend or just after physical activity. This will free up their time to play physical sports, walk the dog or other physical activities.

In the long term, it will also teach them to not rely so much on video games or computer gadgets for entertainment.

Enrol Them In A Sports Team

Learning a new sport is one of the best ways for children to get physical activity, learn something new, get social with others and have fun. Enrolling them into a sports team outside of school will teach them discipline, playing with others and getting physical exercise.

The purpose of sport isn’t mainly to get active, but also to have fun while doing it. There are many different sports to try so you need to find the one your child likes most.

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