Emotional health is becoming more and more of a global health concern in this day and age from young children to the elderly. Emotional health is becoming a health concern that we can no longer ignore. The question of ‘is emotional health as important as physical health, and should they be treated with the same seriousness’ is occurring more often in general discussions.

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The fact of the matter is that anything that compromises your health is important and should be handled with all seriousness. Essentially, emotional health is very closely linked with physical health at the end of the day, and we need to be aware of its importance, so we know how to combat it. 

Emotional health is a state of psychological functioning and wellbeing. Someone who is feeling happy, excited, content, calm and relaxed can be described as being emotionally healthy. Someone on the opposite end of the spectrum who feels worried, sad, withdrawn, isolated or unsatisfied can be classified as being emotionally unhealthy.

Symptoms of Poor Emotional Health and Mental Issues

Emotional Health

It’s normal for your emotional state to go through both, however, if you are emotionally unhealthy for long periods and become a pattern that begins to affect your outlook on life as well as affecting your physical health, and then it becomes a serious concern.

Symptoms of poor emotional health and mental issues include:

  • Feelings of great sadness
  • Confusion or inability to concentrate
  • Anger or violent behaviour
  • Loneliness and isolation
  • Social withdrawal from family and friends
  • Low energy or tiredness
  • Trouble understanding or socializing with people
  • Mood swings
  • Suicidal thoughts
  • Problems with controlling diet or drug use
  • Inability to cope with tasks at school or work

Depression and anxiety are common emotional states for a lot of people who experience one or more of the above symptoms. Depression or anxiety is when your mental state is completely covered feelings of sadness, fear, and worry to the point it begins to affect your state of wellbeing and can have adverse effects on your physical health. If you have anxiety or depression, seeking help from others is the best way to get out of it.

How to Improve Your Mental Wellbeing?

Emotional Health

Below is a list of things you can do to get yourself out of a poor emotional state and improve your overall mental wellbeing. 

1. Be aware of your emotions and reactions

Accept and understand your emotions as they come. Understand that its okay to have feelings of sadness, anger or fear. Once you can accept them for what they are, you know how to address them and how to improve your state.

2. Express your feelings to those who care

Speaking with someone about how you feel and what you’re going through will help take off a huge burden off your shoulders, and you’ll be able to notice the difference in your emotional state once you’ve let it all out.

Whether it’s regarding the school or workplace bullying, overwhelming amounts of work or stress speak to your partner, parents, or colleagues. That way you’ll be able to get another person’s perspective and can feel refreshing. 

3. Learn to manage stress better

Try new hobbies, methods or activities that can help you unwind from the stress. Whether it be meditation, exercise, or simpling relaxing on the couch, learn to calm your mind and strive for a balance in your feelings and thoughts. Unwinding from stress can help you to settle down the emotional side of your problems so you can focus ad tackle on them logically. 

4. Focus on your physical health

By eating healthy and exercising well, your mental state will benefit in turn. This also means getting sufficient sleep at night. When your physical health is at its best, you can tackle your mental problems and emotional health with energy and with a clear mind.

5. Search for fulfilment

If you can understand and accept that you aren’t in an excellent mental pace, you can start to put the steps in place of getting yourself out of it. Find a purpose or meaning for your life that you can dedicate your efforts towards.

Find something exciting, stimulating and worth engaging in. Once you have something to aim for and something to fulfil. Your mind will shift into a positive frame while in your pursuit.

6. Support groups in the UAE

Emotional health is something that a lot of people have to deal with, and in the UAE, it’s no different. This is why there are many social support lines available for people of all ages.

Whether its a support group that you can physically meet other people with your same problems or speaking with a support person on the line. With the support of the national government, mental health clinics and support networks are widely available. All you have to do is make the first step. 

When to See a Doctor?

Emotional Health

Just like physical health, as soon as you notice anything irregular in your emotional health or that your mental health is beginning to affect your mental health, speak with your doctor at first notice.

A lot of people dealing with mental health issues tend to isolate themselves from the outside world. By speaking with your doctor, they can give you the necessary advice as well as the medication you can’t get anywhere else. 

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