Ever since the World Health Organization (WHO) stated COVID-19 as a pandemic, every country has been implementing several steps and regulations to fight the virus. One of the most important steps to fight the COVID-19 is to stay at home as much as possible. 

According to WHO and Central for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the virus that caused COVID-19 is highly contagious and spreads from human to human.

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The virus can spread via respiratory droplets produced by coughs or sneezes from infected people. Hence, the suggestion of staying at least 6 feet or more away and maintaining social distancing may lower the chance of contagion. 

Here are a few other importance of self-quarantine and social distancing.

1. Reducing your risk of infection

The main benefit of self-quarantine and social distancing is that you can protect yourself from the infection itself. If you have serious underlying conditions, self-quarantine can save you from COVID-19 complications. 

2. Saving more lives 

WHO and CDC also conclude that older adults and people with serious underlying conditions are at risk for some severe complications caused by COVID-19. 

By maintaining a safe distance or staying home, you can help reduce the risk of spreading the virus to more vulnerable people. Additionally, although the government may have declared a compulsory work from home, not all people can have the privilege to work from home. By staying in, we are creating a safer place for those who have to be physically present at work.

3. Helping healthcare facilities to be effectively utilized 

In countries where COVID-19 cases are exploding, resources are becoming more scarce. Doctors and nurses are at high risk and overworked due to the number of new patients every day that are shooting up. 

Staying at home and doing a self-quarantine may free up resources. Hence, hospitals may have more space and can tend to patients with COVID-19 and serious complications. 

If you have travelled to any country where COVID-19 cases are present, it is especially important to do a 14-day self-quarantine while monitoring your condition. Researchers mentioned that the virus that causes COVID-19 are incubated within 14 days until you show any symptoms of infection.

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