As confirmed case of COVID-19 continue to rise, wearing face mask when going out is becoming the new norm in the UAE as well as other countries in the world. But there are some people who brave enough to not putting one on because it is subject to get fine in the UAE as well as giving threat to community.

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Some people may still think that there is no point in wearing a mask to protect them from catching COVID-19. But the health officials around the world; from WHO, CDC to UAE health officials continue to urge people to wear face mask when you are in public to help flatten the curve.

Why is It Important to Wear Face Mask in Public?

This is the time where we all should be on alert. According to the New England Journal of Medicine,  there are some individuals who are asymptomatic; people with coronavirus but with no to little symptoms. They can transmit the virus to the others as they could be still doing activities without knowing if they are positive with the virus.

In this case, face mask will protect you from droplets that may carry the virus because you never know who could be infecting you. Wearing face mask in public is part of precaution and courtesy to your own safety and those nearby you.

CDC too has recommended to wear mask when going out in public. If surgical masks are low in stock, you can use cloth mask. It is because medical mask and N95 mask are critical supplies for healthcare workers and other frontliners. But remember to always wash your cloth mask before reuse it.

How to Wear a Mask Properly?

So, how to wear your mask properly to make it more efficient in protecting yourself? (In this case, medical mask)

  • Always wash your hands before touching the face mask
  • Remove mask from the box and make sure the it doesn’t have any holes or tears
  • See which side is the top and which is the front of the mask
  • For face masks with ear loops: hold by the ear loop and put it around each ear
  • For face masks with ties: bring mask to your nose then place the ties over your head and secure it with a tie
  • Pull the mask over to cover your mouth and chin

Don’t Forget Other Health Measures!

Coronavirus is still a global pandemic, so it is essential for you to maintain the health measures when you are at home or out in the public.

Never forget to wash your cloth face mask after getting home, tossed the used face mask properly, always wash your hands and continue to do proper social distancing as preventive measures during COVID-19 pandemic.

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