Dental health is one of the most important health aspects for young children. If your child takes care of their dental health with proper care through healthy lifestyle and good habits, it means less time needed for a dentist visit and stronger teeth.

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Poor dental hygiene in children often caused by poor management by their parents. Children can be too young to understand the consequences of poor oral hygiene, so they tend to be carefree when it comes to protect and manage their teeth’s health.

So if you’re a parent or guardian who is struggling to manage your child’s dental health, or wants to know more about how you can protect child’s teeth, here Okadoc has 7 ways to do that.

1. Stay Away From Sugar

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Sugar is notorious for causing cavities and tooth decay for not only young children but almost everyone. As children are big fans of sweets, try to limit their intake. The worst foods with sugar that can damage teeth are candies, soft drinks, and fruit juice.

2. Always Check for Tooth Decay

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Always check your child’s teeth for tooth decay. Identifying tooth decay in its early stages is the best way to prevent it. You can make this a weekly routine. Even daily is advisable.

3. Encourage, Educate, and Assist

child dental health

As children are still young, they may not necessarily feel the importance of regularly brushing their teeth and keeping them clean. So it’s up to us as adults to teach, encourage and assist with brushing their teeth by developing strong dental care routines.

4. Use Mouthwash And Floss

child dental health

Brushing your teeth well is often times the most important part of cleaning your teeth and mouth. However, a good floss and mouthwash will help to remove any bacteria left over, strengthen teeth, remove plaque and bacteria to keep your mouth clean and healthy.

5. Make Dental Care Fun

child dental health

One of the best ways to make your children embrace dental care is to make it a fun activity. It is important to make child also enjoy the process while getting educated on how to take care of their own teeth.

There are many ways to make dental care a fun activity, such as let your children choose their own toothbrush color and toothpaste flavor or watch funny videos about cleaning and caring teeth for children. You can also make a healthy reward system if your child brushes their teeth properly.

6. Set A Good Example

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If you can’t manage your own dental health, chances are you won’t be able to help your child either. By cleaning your own teeth, you reinforce the importance of oral hygiene to your child and may even develop better oral health care routines for both of you.

7. Get Advice from a Doctor or Dentist

child dental health

There’s a reason why you need to visit the dentist once a year. A visit to the dentist is crucial as they can identify problems in teeth immediately and know the right course of action.

As every person and child is different, the advice of the dentist is extremely important as they are often times tailored towards the specific individual. That’s why it’s especially important for children to never miss a scheduled visit.

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