Water makes up around 75% of our body weight, is a necessary element of life, as it plays an important role in the body to continue performing its daily tasks and protect it from dehydration and critical diseases.

What Are The Best Times to Drink Water?

Even though it’s obvious that drinking water is good for health, you might wonder if the timing is important. Here is our selection of the 5 best times to drink it throughout the day.

In The Morning

Drinking water on an empty stomach not only stimulates the internal body organs and circulatory systems but also replenishes the water that the body lost during sleep.

In addition to nourishing the body and cells, it helps to improve the movement of the digestive system and burn fats.

Before Bedtime

This helps the body rid of toxins, improves the digestive process, stimulates blood circulation, keeps the body hydrated throughout the night, and relieves stomach pain and cramps.

Before Taking a Shower

It is recommended for people suffering from high blood pressure because it helps them lower it carefully.

Before Meals

It helps improve the functions of the digestive system and gives a feeling of fullness which is a great strategy to lose weight.

Before & After Exercising

Drinking water before and after exercise is important to replenish fluids, increase performance and recovery. Especially after exercising, since it helps the body to:

  • Renew and replace the fluids lost during exercise
  • Helps the body to stay hydrated
  • Restores the heart rate to normal 

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