Beauty is often judged by fashion sense, style, physical demeanour and skin complexion. Though there are many approaches to improving your beauty to give yourself a sense of better self-worth and social acceptance, sleep is one of the best things to help you achieve this.

Sleep helps to improve skin health, physical health and mental health, which are essential components of beauty. Not only does proper sleep and rest result in better aesthetic qualities like skin complexion, but also promote better general health and lifestyle.

Sure, there are plenty of ways to improve personal beauty such as products and commercial gimmicks, and some work better than others. But no matter what type of improvement you’re looking for, proper sleep and rest cannot be overlooked.

So before you go out buying skin products, hitting the gym or creating home remedies, try to develop a better understanding of one of the most overlooked beauty boosters, sleep.

Here Are Some Beauty Benefits Of Sleep:

Reduces Ageing

By not having a sufficient amount of sleep, your body won’t just feel tired, but you’ll look tired. Deep sleep enables growth hormones to repair damaged cells in the body.

By depriving body to enter deeper phases of sleep, you will be delaying this process of cell repair. As a result of this, your skin will develop noticeable signs of ageing and at a more accelerated pace.

Improves Skin Conditions

As sleep helps the body to repair itself, existing skin problems may get better as a result. Just as growth hormones enhance the effects of ageing, it’s the same case with pimples, acne scars, rashes and other skin conditions.

You can still use products such as treatment creams and pre-bedtime facial routines to improve your skin conditions. However, without sleep, they won’t work to its best effects.

Hydrates the Skin

By sleeping more, the water balance in your body works more smoothly. While you’re asleep, your body will naturally rebalance its hydration system.

It is resulting in the skin being able to maintain moisture. Excess water in the body is then processed for removal. Puffy bags under your eyes and dark circles, pale complexion are all a result of the reduced water balance of the body due to the lack of sleep.

Helps You To Maintain Weight.

Multiples studies will show that sleeping is often linked to weight maintenance. Also, irregular sleeping patterns and sleep quality can result in adverse effects such as weight gain or weight loss.

Maintaining a healthy weight doesn’t just depend on diet, but requires the body to rest at necessary times and optimal quality. By sleeping on time, eating well and exercising, you’ll be able to keep an aesthetic physique (for beauty) and better general health.

Here are some tips on getting more and better quality sleep:

  • Don’t overeat before bed – This can irritate your stomach and cause sleeping problems
  • Don’t bring any electronic devices to bed with you – Though it may seem more relaxing, this will cause you to sleep later. It also keeps your brain going when it needs to rest.
  • Make sure room temperature and lighting are adjusted to make your body and mind feel relaxed.
  • Ensure your bed sheets are clean – Dirty bed sheets may cause skin irritability. Not only will it give you a harder time to sleep, but it can lead to other skin problems.
  • Drink more in the day, and less at night – Your body needs water to function. Hence why you should drink more in the day. At night your body is moving less and needs to rest. It doesn’t require as much water. Having too much at night may lead to waking up in the middle of the night to urinate or cause abdominal discomfort due to water bloating.

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