Bullying is not just a child’s game. Adults all over the world and in the UAE are subjected to bullying and its a more common occurrence than you think. The harmful effects of bullying are just as bad for adults as they are for children.

Especially with social media being very prominent, cyberbullying become one of the main types of bullying for adults. With mental health concerns on the rise, important to know how we can face bullying and stop it from causing damage to the lives of adult victims.

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Most adults will deny that they are being bullied or are not sure if they are subjected to it due to embarrassment or low self-esteem. Adult bullying is mostly done online cyberbullying and also in the office or workplace.

However, it’s important, to be honest with yourself and confront bullying because if it isn’t handled soon enough, it can spiral out of control.

What does Bullying in the Workplace Look Like?

adult bullying
  • Spiteful or hurtful comments or remarks
  • People gossiping or talking behind your back
  • Sexual harassment
  • Being mistreated by management
  • Sabotaging your work
  • Deliberately making your tasks more difficult
  • Involving your personal life or background to your work
  • Physical play that can be rough or hurtful
  • Threatening or intimidating
  • Hazing (Humiliating or degrading a person as a passage of acceptance.

How does Bullying Affect Your Work and Life?

adult bullying
  • Less successful in completing quality work
  • Feel scared to come to work or engage with others 
  • Inability to trust the people around you
  • Feel anxiety or depression in and out of working hours
  • Physical stress such as headaches, back pain, and sleeping problems
  • Feelings of worthlessness or hopelessness
  • Difficulty engaging with others or taking on new tasks

How to Cope and Prevent Bullying from Affecting Your Life

adult bullying
  • Always put safety first – Your physical wellbeing should slay be the main priority whenever adult bullying is involved. If you are dealing with people who put you at physical harm, the result will never be good. Always leave an uncomfortable or dangerous situation immediately and contact law enforcement if you ever feel threatened.
  • Keep your options open at all time – You should never put yourself in the position where you must put up with a bully for the sake of keeping your job or staying in your position. Always have other employment options open, especially when the person giving you a hard time is your employer. Sometimes people put up with bullying because they need the job or feel stuck in the position., By knowing how to exit and having a backup plan, you can feel at ease.
  • Keep cool – Bullies achieve their purpose when they see you react or become emotional. You can stand your ground by keeping a cool head and let them see that you don’t care for their behaviour or treatment of you. Unless your bully is extremely aggressive and becomes annoyed that you don’t care much for their behaviour, they will back off eventually. Whenever a bully gives you a hard time, retaliating should always be your last option.
  • Understand your rights – All people should have a good understanding of their basic human rights. Everyone has the right to an opinion. Everyone has the right to say no without feeling guilty. Every person has the right to feel comfortable wherever they are. Always understand that if someone does not treat you with the dignity or respect that your rights entitles you to, get away from the situation fast whether it’s by seeking help from upper management or leaving the environment altogether. You should never have to put up with people who are degrading or demoralizing you.
  • Be assertive and communicate effectively – If you can’t avoid your aggressor or bully, stand your ground and make sure you communicate yourself effectively. If you ever have to confront your bully, make sure you stand in a position of strength and be assertive with how you feel or express your opinion. You don’t need to dominate or fight. Get your point across and get them to understand that their behaviour or treatment of you is unacceptable.
  • Seek help – People who deal with bullying can sometimes feel trapped, alone and isolated. Once this happens, it’s tough to repair the mental manage that has been built up. Speak up. Seek help from your employer, friends, and family. No matter how embarrassed about it you may feel, bullying is a serious thing. There are multiple support groups and online resources in the UAE at your disposal. Adult bullying is a serious thing and seeking help is one of the best ways to help you rise above it.

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