Neuropathy is a disorder that attacks peripheral nerves that mainly branch out to legs, fingers, and toes. It mostly occurs due to chemical trauma (such as chemotherapy) and diabetes.

One of the main symptoms of neuropathy may include gradual numbness that spreads to your legs, toes, and arms. Additionally, lack of coordination and muscle paralysis are also included as neuropathy symptoms.

There are traditional ways of treating neuropathy. However, there are also supplements and vitamins that may help in treating neuropathy.

Vitamin B

Peripheral neuropathy occurs when your body lacks B12 vitamin. The lacking of the B12 vitamin may cause permanent nerve damage.

You may consume B complex vitamins or take B1, B6, and B12 vitamins separately. B1 vitamins are used to reduce inflammation and pain caused by cellular damage, while B6 vitamins can maintain the covering on nerve endings.

In general, vitamin B helps promote nerve repair and speed up tissue regeneration.

Alpha-lipoic Acid

Alpha-lipoic is an antioxidant that can lower blood sugar levels and provide protection to the brain. Numerous foods provide alpha-lipoic acids such as red meat, spinach, and broccoli.

This antioxidant has been proven effective for diabetic neuropathy.


Curcumin is a herb known to relieve spreading numbness caused by neuropathy. The great thing about curcumin is that you don’t have to always take it as a supplement. The turmeric powder can be used as an ingredient for healthy tea.

Additionally, curcumin is perfect for those in the early stages of neuropathy as it may prevent the pain from growing.

Fish Oil

Similar to vitamin B, fish oil can also be useful as a mean to repair damaged nerves. The Omega-3 substance contains anti-inflammatory properties that can reverse neuropathy while also reducing the pain.


Inositol is a vitamin-like substance that can be found in animals and plants. Naturally, the human body also produces inositol in forms that are known as isomers. Inositol balances chemicals in your body while also helping to restore your insulin levels.

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