Each of us prefers a certain type of food. Some of us prefer sweets and others prefer salty food. But when talking about kings and royal families, we might think that they prefer caviar and fine food as their favorites, but we found the opposite!

We’ve collected some unique information about members of the royal families and kings and their favorite foods.

Princess Diana

Although Diana was known for her healthy lifestyle that relied on avoiding carbohydrates and red meat and sticking to boiled chicken and sweet peppers, her personal chef, Darren McGrady, says she loved sweets. Princess Diana loved a popular British dessert called bread and butter pudding, and she also loved creme brulee.

Queen Rania

Queen Rania follows a macrobiotic diet and always promotes a healthy lifestyle. She is known to be fond of almonds, walnuts, seafood, and oriental food, and loves to eat dark chocolate from time to time as a recreation.

Prince Harry

When the Prince was a young boy, he and his older brother William were pudding lovers. They loved the Rollie Polley – jam with sponge cake – and the summer dessert, which consisted of a plate of berries placed in a baking pan.

Prince William

William and his wife Kate have a penchant for popcorn – both have been seen eating it on occasion – but lasagna and roast chicken are the favorite dishes of the future King of England.

Kate Middleton

Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, as she is now known, loves to eat very healthy, although she has a weakness for Indian food and spices.

Kate is disciplined and gives up sweets for healthy berry smoothies. Kate excels at her skills in the kitchen when she cooks for her family and is known to make her own jam.

Queen Elizabeth II

Queen Elizabeth loves chocolate – chocolate mousse and chocolate cookie cake in particular – and often has them with her Earl Gray afternoon tea. The Queen is famous for the economy – she is not content with wasting food and eats leftovers.

While she prefers to eat produce from the royal farms, fish (especially boiled salmon) and sausages are her favorite.

Prince Charles

The Prince of Wales is known for his love of organic products. He eats game, fish, and fruits and vegetables grown locally on royal lands, but avoids zucchini and garlic (to avoid embarrassment at public events).

Marie Antoinette

Marie Antoinette had a simple culinary flair, though she loved hot chocolate, opting especially for the simple Austrian bread that reminded her of the house, broth, boiled chicken, purified water, and lemonade, which she did not drink much.

All of these foods are delicious! However, we know that eating sugary foods on a daily basis can be unhealthy, so we advise you to consult a nutritionist

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